Holidays For Pets

Vale Farmhouse provides a home from home holiday for your dog. We don’t have kennels, just cosy rooms furnished with sofas or beds, so that you know your dog is relaxed and happy in a home environment whilst you enjoy your holiday. There is lots of space for exercise and play time with other dogs. Of course we also like to make sure the dogs have plenty of attention, and cuddles are free !

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Dog Grooming
We are members of the Pet Industry Federation and the British Dog Groomers Association.Pif_Groomers_Logo The full groom service includes clipping, trimming, bath, dry, claw clipping, ear cleaning/plucking. The most important part of the process is the conversation between us so that we fully understand your exact requirements. It’s best to be really clear about the end result you are looking for so that we can make sure to meet your expectations.  We can work to breed standard or a pet trim, just let us know!

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Dog Daycare
Do you need day care for your dog whilst you’re at work and don’t want to put them in a kennel? Do you worry that your dog is bored, lonely or stressed while you’re at work? Are you having problems with destructive behaviour or barking when you leave the dog home alone? Have an unexpected appointment and need someone to look after your dog at short notice?

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Here is a snapshot of the harrassment we have endured.

First abusive messages were left late on 18/8/16. Our dogs were all inside asleep as it was 2315…2330

Followed by further harassing calls on 19/8/16, 22/8/16,

Police intervention August 2016. Mr & Mrs *** advised not to call us again.

Then further calls on
14/10/16, 23/10/16, 24/10/16, 11/11/16

Also on 9/3/17

Followed by a series of 9 calls made on 10/3/17 with 2 messages left. Calls timed at 1358, 1359, 1359, 1400, 1402, 1403, 1404, 1405, 1406

Followed at 1433 by a call from Mrs *-* I explained what we do to manage and try to prevent any noise; invited her to come to see me and also to have a look around (as she expressed concerns about the dogs’ welfare). I closed by asking her to call and speak to me personally to discuss any concerns she may have. Mrs ** hasn’t called me.

22/3/17 @ 1603 Call from Mr *-* saying “Can you shut those dogs up please, I’m in the garden and can hear from here. As nice weather is coming I can’t enjoy my time in the garden due to the dogs“ Mr *-* was advised by the member of staff who took the call that all dogs here were inside ready for their afternoon feed.

Mr *** called on 5/5/17 and spoke to a member of staff, saying “please can you stop the dogs barking, it’s too noisy. I’m recording the conversation should you want to go to the police.”

Reported to police by Janet via 101, crime ref 831S/8/5