Posted September 14th

Vale Farmhouse

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Love it 😅

The cats answer is so very correct 😂

Love this xxx how it going there ?

Christine Wood

Love this. I have a border collie and a cocker spaniel. So accurate!! Xx

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Posted August 31st

Vale Farmhouse

As yesterday was my last day as an official team member at Vale Farmhouse it was only right I spent it with the dogs I’ve known from the very start & throughout the 3 years of being here,😊 holly, daisy, Gracie, paddy, Zak and Frankie, with the addition of honey & Leah. The amount of meet and greets these guys have helped me do! obviously a moment was spared for bailey & Tasha & Nell, thanking them for there help too❤️ I’ve met so so so many amazing characters here, seen so many wagging tails and happy faces, and having worked at other kennels, I never got to know the dogs properly like I do here! This whole week especially has been very emotional, saying bye to so many doggies that I’m used to seeing so often, some I see more than my own dog! Cant describe how gutted I am, and how much of a shame it all is! I have loved every single second of working here and would not change a single thing! I’m glad I could be here throughout it all! but who knows what the future holds??? 👋🏻

Rachel 😇
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Space not discs. Don't let them win. I'm sure there something else you can do. Xx


Have you got discs for livery yard or could you do doggy day care????

Posted August 30th

Vale Farmhouse

Well here we are, 30th August and we are now officially closed.

Thank you to all our clients and your human servants for your loyalty and support, especially through recent difficult times.

And special mention to all our fabulous team over the years who have looked after me as well as the dogs, special thank you must go to Iris, Gemma, Molly, Vicky, Fran, Emily and Rachel.

We don’t know what the future holds, but now we are going to go and cuddle our own dogs.

All we can say is watch this space.
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Such a sad day for this to happen, we had only just found a suitable place for our over active Springer Spaniel. We had our first holiday away after 8 years. Let's hope the neighbour gets dog noise elsewhere and he decides to sell up and move. 🤔🤔

Sit back and watch the idiot who complained, still find dogs barking and realise they were never yours, then sue his arse for every penny and more

Sad, sad, day! Thankyou so much for looking after the first ever dog of my adult life. I wouldn’t have trusted him with anyone else! Really hoping there’s a new way for you guys to go within all of this. Lots of love xxx

Such a sad Day. Saffy sends love and hugs (and a bark for Mike) we will be watching this space and if there is anything we can do, you know how to reach us. Stay strong xxx

Very sad for you and us all ❤

Janet I really hope that you and Mike will find a way to be able to re-open Vale Farmhouse - please keep us updated - lots of people are rooting for you. Take care and very best wishes x

So so sorry to read this. Jasper loved coming to stay! Good luck with everything xx

Get knocked down 7 times. Get back up 8!

Sad news. Good luck for the future

Thank you all so much for looking after Ralph. He will miss you all. Stay strong. Keep us posted. Xx

So sad, a truly fabulous day and night care for dogs, let's hope common sense prevails and you are open again soon 🐾🐾🐾

Sad day, over 20 years with dogs and have never found anywhere I was happier to leave my dogs. I hope he reads this and understands the distress he's not only caused you but to all your customers too.

So sad. Good luck For the future

Such a sad day Delilah and lola will miss their visits to you so very much.x

Thank you for everything everyone.I'm watching this space,we are very fussy about our dog care xxx

So very sad. We only discovered you earlier this year. Hopefully what goes around comes around and you will get justice.

Extremely sad for everyone, hope we can come back one day x

Thank you so much for looking after Woofles over the years, we have never had any doubts leaving him there with you all 🐶🐶 hopefully not the end xx

Good luck for the future...will be in touch with you next week xx

Thank you for looking out our bailey ! We are gutted so sorry don’t give up please xxx

I had hoped it would have turned around, but I hope that you, Mike and the dogs are all ok ❤

So sorry 😢, we really hope there is a new way for you to go. Thank you for looking after Arthur xxx

Surely not the end. Thank you for everything. Please keep us posted and look after yourself above all.

Gutted for you. Dotty sends her love and we wish you all the very best. Thank you for the care you have shown Dotty over the years. Good luck to all the team and stay well Janet xx

Fingers crossed for you all in the future of the Vale Farmhouse We will always support you 100% and love the fact you love our dogs xx

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Posted August 28th

Vale Farmhouse

I had a lunch bud today, I can’t get over Luna’s ears and snout 😍😍 ... See MoreSee Less

I had a lunch bud today, I can’t get over Luna’s ears and snout 😍😍Image attachmentImage attachment


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She’s had the best holiday thank you so much!

Can't believe we won't be able to bring Kyro anymore!

Well you’ve certainly seen the snout from all angles x

Absolutely gorgeous!!!!

Posted August 28th

Vale Farmhouse

Sam’s got a new mate Odi 😀 ... See MoreSee Less

Sam’s got a new mate Odi 😀