Ascot, Aintree and Cheltenham
In the converted stables, we can offer three large rooms: Ascot, Aintree and Cheltenham.Our exercise facilities are four secure garden paddocks, where your dogs can play to their hearts’ content, either on their own or with our dogs if you would like them to socialise with others.With your consent we will also socialise and exercise your dogs with other boarding dogs under strict supervision. We also have access to further private land where your dogs can be walked safely on the lead at your request. Extra charges will apply if we provide this service.

Our Springer loves going to stay with Mike and Jan, which reassures us that he is well cared for and has fun. We have peace of mind that he is in safe and caring hands. We have been impressed with the amount of space that our dog has to run around, which is a huge bonus compared to the space at other kennels and similar establishments. Mike and Jan are clearly very experienced in this area of business. We have recommended their services to friends and family, who have also been very impressed with the care Mike and Jan provide to their pets. E. Jones

Vaccination and Medication
We are pleased to take care of dogs who are fully vaccinated (including kennel cough) and house-trained.  We also ask that your dog is friendly with people and other dogs.  Because our boarding rooms are furnished, dogs that chew or are destructive are a challenge for us to look after.


We will ask for your full contact details and for you to bring vaccination cards and details of your vet for our records (which we keep in accordance with data protection legislation and will never share with any other person or organisation). We like you to bring your dog’s usual food and bed so that everything is familiar for them.  We also ask you to make sure your dog wears a collar with an identity tag whenever they come to stay with us, as this is a legal requirement.

If your dog requires regular medication or a vet visit whilst you are away, then please speak to us as we are happy to do this for you.  We will ask you to cover the cost of fuel if we need to visit the vet on your behalf.

Come Visit Us
Before you entrust your dog to us, we like you to come and visit first. We always suggest, especially if your dog hasn’t been away from you before, that they come for a short stay before you leave them for a long holiday.We are happy to have your dog overnight, just for the day, or for a number of days or weeks. If you need regular day care for your dog whilst you’re at work, please talk to us about what arrangements may be possible.We recommend the following non-medicinal products if you think your dog may need some extra help to combat stress or to settle in. Adaptil helps to keep dogs calm. It is recommended by vets. For more information have a look at An alternative is Zylkene, a natural product, derived from casein, the protein in milk We are fully licensed by Wyre Forest Council. We are insured for public liability and emergency veterinary fees and registered with